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2016 – Personal Branding
Here are a list of 10 steps that you could start working towards in your business. How many of them do you agree with and how many can you tick off from the list?

1. Get a Professional Headshot – this makes you more likeable and influential
2. Be Discoverable Online – you should be able to search your name or business and find something about it.
3. Have a Professional Purpose – why is the reason you are in business – do you really know and what are you working towards?
4. Learn to Listen and be Empathetic – with customers, clients, yourself and more particularly your team.
5. Practice writing – keep a notebook to jot down ideas or thoughts as you work through your day.
6. Keep Social Profiles up to date – check them regularly and make sure they are working.
7. Be aware of your Competitors – do you know what they are doing, what are they doing well?
8. Craft Your Personal Brand – be very aware and know your mission, what you are about and whyy you do what you do.
9. Embrace Experience and Opportunities – never miss out, move forward and challenge yourself regularly – get out of your comfort zone.
10. Be Social – regularly engage with your audience and your market – don’t lose touch.

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