Six Figure Business Blueprint & Business Accountability

The Six Figure Business Blueprint gives you the step by step formula you need to turn your business around and start earning the dollars it should be. For further details see

Or maybe you haven’t even set up the basics for your business – if this is you – READ ON!

Finally, A Step BY Step Program Designed By Actual Business Leaders…


To Ensure That You Not Only Set Goals, But You Actually Achieve Every One Of Them!

It’s not just about goal setting, is it?

Have You ever:

  • Set a goal, only to miss it and be frustrated?
  • Felt like jumping off a cliff if you hear about goals one more time?
  • Felt like your business will never get to that “Next Level”?


Well, you’re not alone! Thousands of business owners just like you have had these same feelings for years and years and have struggled with what to do about them.


Some people have actually gone the no goal option as their last resort, which can bring on:

  • businesses that just go through the motions
  • depression
  • worse feelings by “faking it” and ultimately…
  • business failure!


Why resort to all that when your true success is just ONE word away:





Here are a few of the valuable lessons you will learn in this amazing online course entitled “Leamar Business Accountability Academy”:


How to discover your true passion and purpose

√ How to define your plans for lasting success

How to write a marketing plan and implement it

√ Why knowing your finances every month will save your business

and much, much more


Let’s face facts:


Left to our own devices, most business owners…

  • Set goals and then never look at them again?
  • Don’t have the proper mindset for true success?
  • Have ZERO accountability measures in place!




Now is the time to start! Every day you wait, is one more day of agony when you look at your business and ask when is it going to HAPPEN!

In addition, this course will teach you:

  • How to make the most of your online strategies
  • How to network on and offline to build your list of prospects!
  • How To Become an expert in your industry!!
  • And many more lessons too numerous to mention!


You will start to see results the first month as you will now be held accountable to your plans!


Why not start that process now! Every day you put it off, is another day away from your awesome business! (not to mention more money!)


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Only $47 per month US Dollars (12 month commitment)


Haven’t clicked the button yet?  Because you are a bit skeptical, right?


You may be thinking that this is just another one of “those” courses?


You may be thinking that you already know everything?


I only have ONE question for you:




If you are…that’s awesome! You probably do not need this course.


If not…why?

What are your options in the next 12 months to take your business to the next level?

Are you really willing to commit to your own business for 12 months?

Get on board and start winning NOW!

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Only $47 per month US Dollars (12 Month Commitment)



How will you hold me accountable?

At the end of each month, you will submit a “Monthly Accountability Template” where you will set your tasks up for the next month as well as review of the prior module.

We will monitor your course activity and progress and “crack the whip” when necessary! (in a nice, but firm way)

Is the Course 100% Online?

Yes. You access our online platform via any internet connection. All course material is in PDF, Video or word formats.


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Only $47 per month US Dollars (12 Month Commitment)


 Yes! I would love to have Leanne speak for our group. Please contact me!

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