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My original yellow #beawesomeeveryday wristbands were given out at the first FUNdraiser dinner as a way to acknowledge the journey I am on.  Even faced with MND, I want to continue to provide positivity and inspiration – to be awesome every day!

The wristbands have travelled far and wide over the past 3 years, experiencing many countries and activities. They continue to serve as a reminder that life is about living, no matter what our circumstances are.

Fast forward to 2021 and we’re facing very different times. It’s now more important than ever to focus on the positive, appreciate the small moments as well as the big, find the beauty in nature, enjoy a cuppa with a friend, set yourself small goals to work towards, and remember to take photos and share your joy.

We’ve upgraded to an orange wristband, still with the signature bicep curl as an added sign of strength. Take a look at all the places these bands travel to! It’s a real testament to how my friends and family choose life every day, living with AWESOMENESS!

Find out more about my Wristbands of Inspiration on the blog x