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Following our continued lockdown in Melbourne we are very fortunate to be in home quarantine back in Brisbane. Along with Steve, Maree and my awesome schoolfriend Liz, we have settled into a great routine where they are looking after me in shifts throughout the day and night. We are lucky enough to have plenty of room around the house and yard for us to complete our daily activities.

My cook has dropped food at the front door for me, which we can collect once she has left the property. We also have our groceries delivered by the local supermarket.

As we are back in the sunshine state there is also ample opportunity to spend time in the sun, whether it be for lunch, exercise or a relaxing cuppa.

And although the time has gone quickly it has enabled me to focus on tidying my study.

We’ve also had sneaky friends visit (of the bird variety).

Liz and I have been meditating daily together which allows both of us to reset for the remainder of each day.

We finally hit Day 12 of quarantine yesterday and were all excited to be going out in the car (for our COVID test) – it was the first time out since we arrived.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by the awesomeness of my quarantine buddies as we look forward to our release – freedom awaits!

Love you all and remember to Be Awesome Everyday!

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