Research, Resources and Support

Facebook post: Since my diagnosis in early September 2017 I have been relentless in researching and sourcing what I can do both physically and mentally to live the best life ever.

Facebook post: Reading the excellent research on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen I have spent the last 3 weeks at Oxymed in Chapel St South Yarra Melbourne doing 60 hours of oxygen. Firstly I want to thank everyone who visited me / messaged me to see how I was going – your support means more than you know. And don’t think oxygen is just for sick people I spent a few days sitting in a separate oxygen chamber next to this tennis star.

I have just completed 60 hours of intense hyberbaric oxygen therapy in Melbourne in an effort to flush the bad inflammatories out of the brain which are in turn affecting the motor neurons and muscles in my body.

Though not a cure it has been highly recommended to continue this expensive treatment on an ongoing basis and perhaps ultimately have a portable one for home use. It has helped me to sleep better and ease some of the leg crampings that I continually have.