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Leanne’s story is relevant to us all. Her search for purpose and her relentless drive to be “awesome every day” is both humbling and inspiring. Leanne continues to be a role model for how to create light from darkness – a lesson we all need to learn.

Dr Fiona McIntoshCEO FightMND

I would like to express my feelings working with Leanne and watching her journey over the years. And I do have to say that she is a part of the 1% of people who have an unwavering mindset and determination to heal and to help others along the way. Leanne has been a constant inspiration to myself and so many others. MND is definitely one of the worst conditions I’ve seen and experienced and Leanne has tackled it like a champion. We all love you and vote your Victory!

Tyler TolmanTolman Health

What impresses me about Leanne is her determination and can-do attitude in spite of being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Leanne exudes inspiration, has a sharp mind and a tenacity that will not allow her to give up. We are grateful to have people like Leanne, who rises above her own challenges to continue to live an awe-inspiring life and to be a motivating and positive role-model for others.

David AliCEO MND Australia

Finding Awesomeness Through Adversity

An Incredible Journey of Resilience & the Power of Choice

Leanne’s memoir explores the pivotal moment in her life when she was given the life-limiting diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease. Through sharing her story of living an awesome life with MND, Leanne inspires others to realise they can achieve anything they put their minds to despite the obstacles they face.


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  • Memoir: Finding Awesomeness Through Adversity