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Building Bulletproof Resilience

A Transformative 90-Day Program

Resilience is a skill that we can all cultivate and grow! It is something that can be honed rather than a trait we either have or not have. Imagine all of us navigating life's crazy twists with resilience as our superpower. Let's turn challenges into victories – resilience style!

Leanne SklavenitisSpeaker | Resilience Expert | MND Advocate

Discover your Path to Unstoppable Resilience.

Reclaim your Strength & Purpose

Are you ready to make positive changes now and live the life you want and so deserve?

Get Started NOW!

Discover how to embrace everything that you CAN DO, despite your feelings of despair.

My 90-day Resilience Program will have a profound impact on your life by strengthening coping skills, mental health, relationships, adaptability, and fostering sustainable habits for long-term resilience.

This is not a quick fix.

Instead, this transformative journey will create the foundations for life-long change and build consistent health habits into your life.

The 90-day Resilience Program will equip you with the key tools needed to manage stress, uncertainty, and adversity, and help you to build mental strength and emotional resilience.

I will show you:

✔  how to identify your own personal sources of resilience

✔  how to manage stress and your emotions

✔  how to make positive choices, aligned with your values

✔  strategies for facing adversity with resilience

✔  how to set your intentions for ongoing growth and impact

Stop waiting for what’s to come, and start making more powerful and positive choices, right now. You’re just one click away from building an unshakeable foundation of strength, a renewed sense of purpose, and an unwavering belief that you can triumph over any challenge life present, with resilience!

Start Your Transformation Today!

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Resilience and Self-Awareness

Setting personal intentions for the duration of the course. Introduction of daily journaling for self-reflection, focusing on your emotions, challenges, and aspirations.

Module 3: Understanding Resilience

Defining Resilience and its importance to you and your life.

Module 5: Managing Stress and Emotions

Identifying your stress triggers to increase your understanding of their impact. Introduction of stress management techniques, including breathwork, time management and boundary setting.

Module 7: Making Aligned Choices

Explore and identify core values to help you to understand their role in the decisions that you make. You’ll undertake exercises to make choices regarding your life and future, aligned with your own personal values and long-term goals.

Module 9: Creating an Action Plan

Develop an action plan and use accountability mechanisms to track your progress.

Module 11: Learning from Setbacks

Developing a growth mindset to help you to view setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth for future success.

Module 13: Ongoing Growth and Conclusion

Setting  intentions for ‘What’s Next’ in your ongoing personal development. We’ll help you to summarise your own key takeaways from the course and acknowledge your growth in the program.

Module 2: Building Awareness and Mindfulness

Increase your self-awareness and develop emotional regulation skills.

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the significance of emotional intelligence, and the role it plays in creating a healthy environment for you.

Module 6: The Power of Choice

Fostering the ability to recognise that we always have a choice, most importantly, in how you respond to situations. You will reflect on past choices and their consequences and map alternative pathways.

Module 8: Setting Goals and Taking Action

Using the S.M.A.R.T. goals technique, you will learn how to apply goal setting to various areas of your life, and clearly define your own goals.

Module 10: Navigating Adversity

Introducing strategies for facing adversity with greater resilience.

Module 12: Celebrating Success

Reflecting and celebrating on your personal growth journey and recognising achievements, sharing your experiences with those close to you.

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