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It has been a while since I’ve posted and life has changed for us all. Thanks for the messages from many of you asking how I am. Since returning from the USA in March, coming back early due to the virus it is quite surreal to think my carer Kate and I were in New York just before the outbreak. Fortunately due to our excellent immune systems, healthy nutrition and high doses of antioxidants that I take daily, all was well.

I have remained in excellent health and with isolation and no travel imposed I took my rehab into my own hands. My last post showed the parallel bars which I use constantly to work on walking independently. This is a constant challenge as my body wakes up very stiff every morning and I am constantly walking on toes. But my goal is to walk a few steps unaided by Xmas.
Check out my new piece of equipment, the bike, and loving it! Plan to give my rpm colleagues a run for their money soon. I am nearly peddling on my own so watch out!

I am working constantly on hand grip, arm strength and have many exercises to do daily which my awesome Carer’s help me with.

Then there is my speech. I had Botox in my jaw a few weeks ago which has greatly helped me from drooling as much which had started to become a bit of a problem. Further Botox booked next month which will be injected into my salivary glands.

I am seeing a specialist physio for head and jaw next month as my jaw has stiffened and if I work on specific exercises to release my jaw, my speech should improve. Also on the lookout for another speech pathologist to help me.

Who said isolation would be boring?

I hope you are all keeping well and use these changing times in a positive way. A big shout out to my awesome friend Joanne La Ferlita-Signal who sent me this fabulous shirt. As the shirt says Stay Awesome, and as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted we will be heading down south to see everyone. Love to all xx

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