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My MND diagnosis has affected so many lives in many ways, not just my own. The challenges it has brought in my business and at home are mind boggling. Having said that, I realise how blessed I truly am. Without Steve and my team of carers, I know there’s no way I’d be continuing to smash the stereotypical MND prognosis.

But, as the saying goes “the only thing that never changes is change itself”.

Earlier this month I hit a milestone that I’d hoped never to reach. Four and a half years after my diagnosis, it has come time to put 24/7 care in place.

This new phase has been months in the making. The work that has gone into securing, training and scheduling new carers has been a huge undertaking for Steve and I, not to mention the procedures and care plan that has to be written. . There’s also the overwhelming feelings of being smothered that comes with bringing on new team members. Like any eager new employee, they are all wanting to do their best and ensure my wellbeing. Whilst I am forever grateful, I am totally at the mercy of my carers, and it can be draining and quite relentless at times !

When life revolves around caring for loved ones it is an emotional rollercoaster. Burnout is a huge risk. The toll my MND journey has placed on Steve is enormous. But now we are able to move forward with an expanded, awesome team behind us. The added care and support has benefited both of us and my rehab continues to progress in leaps and bounds.

Plus, the silver lining of this new chapter is that Steve can finally take a break away from home without too much worry! With his super-cute Road Trotter camper hitched up, Steve can dabble in life as a grey nomad and finally get some breathing space and time to gather his thoughts.

I even got into the caravan to take a look. Even if it took two carers and Steve to make it happen, I was determined!

Every day that goes by I keep myself and my carers busy, living every moment and so grateful for the care that I receive!

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  • John Hanley says:

    Love you xo

  • Carmel. D'ademo says:

    Leanne, you are truly inspirational . And so are your all your family. God bless you ❤

    • Kylee says:

      LUUUUV the new camper!! Your words (and your attitude to life, your life) forever provide a reality check and a reminder to cherish our people and to keep moving forward…in ‘Leanne’s way’ with guts and determination.

  • Kim Scanlon says:

    Leanne you’re truely something else as are Steve and your family.
    Keep being your awesome self ❤️
    Sending big love and hugs xxx

  • Kath says:

    So great Steve got his home away from home.. he is one amazing man Leanne but you my friend take the cake.. keep being awesome everyday and have not taken my wrist band off since I saw you last .. xx

  • April H says:

    Leanne you never cease to amaze me with your attitude despite the obstacles you face every day.
    I am so grateful to have had you as my Body Balance instructor (best ever) and RPM early in the morning!
    You truely are inspirational………..and when I read your tips and posts, you STILL make me get up and go!
    Thank you for being YOU, and yes, Steve is a wonderful man. ??❤️

  • Anna Logan says:

    Both you and Steve are awesome and amazing, a true inspiration for us all. I think of you often when I’m about to whinge about something that goes wrong. I glance down at my Leanne bracelet and mentally kick myself back into gear. You are an incredible Life Coach. Thank you ❤️ xoxoxo

  • Rosie says:

    You amazing woman. You’ve always had one constant – you’re always inspirational.

  • Shona says:

    Wow….just wow! Leanne and Steve what an amazing partnership x

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