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We’ve been living up in sunny Queensland for over 6 years now and I’ve definitely acclimatised to the warmer weather. Whenever I head back down south to Melbourne to visit family and friends, I am so heavily layered and rugged up to ward off the chills… check me out back in June!

But sadly, the secrets this hides as no one can see what’s really going on underneath.

The detrimental effects of MND on the body are far-reaching, particularly if you’ve been living with it for such a long time like me. Muscle wasting is a huge problem. I have progressively lost muscle tone which has impacted my strength and posture.

My shoulders and back are now hollow. These pictures may not be pretty, but it is the reality.

Now do you think this has stopped me?? Of course not!

My arms, hands, and shoulders still have some strength in them so all is not lost. Forever the optimist, I even hope to get them back in the future. You can see in the video some of the postural exercises I’m working on at the moment.

So for now, I adapt my training as my body changes, aiming to retain and build on what muscle I still have. I know it’s this persistence that has helped me to continue to stand unaided and walk even after losing so much. I’ve even managed to put on 4 kilos… I was 44kg and am now super pumped to be up to 48kg!! There’s still a long way to go but slow and steady wins the race.

As you move through your day remember to be grateful for the freedoms your amazing body affords you… and of course, continue to be awesome every day!

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