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As always, I’ve had an interesting week.

My trip to the head, neck and jaw specialist saw my jaw opening to 24mm. It wasn’t much of a change from my last visit, so the specialist was very happy. Considering the average is 41mm I am still striving to improve, of course, so I have a bit of a way to go. They measure the jaw opening with a specific tool but, at home, I use an improvised one from Bunnings which seems to do the job. This means I can keep a check on it myself in between appointments.

The chiro continues to work on my neck and spine. He uses a special table to help lengthen and move the spine and has provided me with special exercises to do at home so I can keep my neck as strong as possible.

I’m still doing Pilates every Monday and I’m loving the one leg exercises when using the reformer as my legs are still strong and my core is still working. Being fit has certainly paid off and continues to support me every day. Then when I need relief, I call on my special ‘wheat bag boy’, Buster, to save the day!

A short while ago I began weaning myself off all the medications I’d been taking. The side effects were outweighing the benefits and it’s encouraging to see that I am already beginning to sleep better without them in my system.

The other appointments for the week were with the palliative care team who insisted on bugging me, however they never stay long because I am too happy and positive. I give any of them that visit a wristband and tell them how to Be Awesome Everyday!

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