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To all my awesome friends and family I have been receiving messages asking about me so thought I would update you all. I was at the hospital last week helping the MND researchers regarding metabolism which I have been doing for over a year. Since my diagnosis in September of 2017 I have lost 10 kg and 2kg of this was muscle. I lost most of the weight during the juice cleanse and fasting which was amazing for my body.

I am sure many of you wonder what I do all week. I now have a team of 9 people helping me ranging from 4 Carers and assistants, a masseuse, a Pilates teacher, a PT, a Neuro physio, and a cook to hep with meals. I also meditate morning (2 days a week at sunrise on the beach) and night and during the day as well and continue on my juicing with all vegetarian meals. I am determined to turn this around and you will see from the videos I am now starting to improve on my walking and regaining strength on my arms. I use finger splints daily to help strengthen my fingers and I am working on my speech every day.

Everyone of you have helped and supported me with every message and photo. It keeps me inspired every day. I am very grateful for you all and continue being awesome everyday. Xx


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