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It goes without saying that Steve and I have had the time of our lives – and then some! All through my journey, not just the past 3 years but since I first went to Panama back in 2008, Steve has been by my side.

And though my MND he has truly been my rock… from morning till night, and overnight as well! When there are no carers with me, he is the mechanics behind everything I do.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and desperately needing to roll over but having to rely on someone else to do this for you. Well, this is what Steve does for me, every night – and it’s not just a couple of times a night, it’s now an hourly routine of me going into full on cramp and pain mode and Steve having to wake up and move me around until I can get comfortable enough to fall back to sleep again.

The simple daily tasks that we all take for granted, giving no consideration for how our body performs them, like scratching yourself, getting a drink when you’re thirsty or food when you are hungry, holding a utensil, checking your phone, let alone actually texting or making a call or email, getting into the car and putting your seatbelt on, standing up, sitting down, dressing yourself or applying make-up. Well, Steve does all of that for me.

He is now an absolute master at putting my makeup on for me. How many of you guys think could do that effectively? I dare you to go home and try it – better yet, I dare your partners to allow you to try it.

One thing I do stop at though is waxing – I’m definitely leaving that one to the professionals!

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